Tired Parenting: Getting Back in the Game - O'Grady Drama Australia

Sometimes, parenting is too much.

Sometimes when children act out or get tired they are too much. And sometimes – okay, a lot of the times – playing games with your child can be just too darn much. It’s just a natural part of parenting.

You’ve written your two thousandth word for the day (this is not about me), drank too much coffee – not enough water. You’ve walked home in the rain, the junk mail that you secretly love to read is sodden and unreadable (still not about me). You find yourself sitting (laying) on the couch, head just settling into a cushion when you hear the approaching voice of one of your most loved treasures. Into the room they bound with only one single simple happy intention – to play… with you. And it just feels too much. 

Instead you reach for your laptop and tap out a desperate plea for help.

Dear O’Grady Drama,

Why won’t they just leave me alone! I know playing with your kids can be really fun and that it’s really good for them. I know it is crucial to bond with them. I know it is essential in developing their creativity and social skills and confidence. It try to play with them, I really do. But I’m finding myself too exhausted to play chasings or catch or anything requiring me to be active. Please help!


Tired Parent.


Dear Tired Parent,

We are glad you contacted us. Believe us, we know how difficult and exhausting parenting can be. You are doing a really good job! 

Here at O’Grady we love to play games to develop drama skills. Drama classes for kids are a great way to nurture social skills, acting skills and explore their creativity. But we want you to feel more confident in your parenting at home. Some of the best games can be played on the couch! So here are some fun games you can play with your child that don’t even require you getting up off the sofa – and who knows, maybe you will find yourself bounding up after them afterall!

Make Me Laugh –

Go on. Find a comfy spot to lay down. Challenge your kids to see if they can make you laugh. Really lay it on thick that you bet they can’t and sit back and relax as they try every facial expression they know to make you laugh. 

I Hope No-one –

You will love this one Tired Parent. Just be a dead weight (you were anyway, right?) and say ‘I hope no-one sits me up’ or ‘I hope no one rolls me over’. Other variations of laying on the lounge or floor games are pretending to be asleep (pretending) and snoring loudly while the kids try creative ways to wake you up. You will need to humour occasionally and wake up stunned. Or be a patient while they try to diagnose you with something or give you check up. 

Judge a Dance Performance –

A good way to get your child active when you don’t have the energy to join them is to pump out some tunes and be a judge while they put on a quick dance performance. Give them extra points for outlandish and creative routines. 

Let boredom take over –

We know that sometimes even the simplest of interactions with your kids can be too hard when you are exhausted. Sometimes you just need to let boredom have its day. Don’t freak out though. Boredom can help your child engage in more meaningful activities than those at hand

Give it a go Tired Parent. You’re welcome!


O’Grady Drama