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O’Grady After-school drama classes that will give your kids skills for life

O’Grady Drama Classes, the local presence of the International Helen O’Grady Network, is more than just your regular drama class provider. We’ve got it the right way around – that is we put the kids first and nurture them with the life skills gained from drama. You won’t believe the difference we make in your child’s life.

Developmental drama:

We help children grow and flourish by encouraging them to explore their creative sides. Through our vibrant and inclusive after-school drama programs, we help students learn essential skills to prepare them for life at school and beyond. We assist children with development, emotional health, confidence and identity by using drama skills as a development platform. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.

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Why choose O’Grady Drama?

We empower children of all ages
We let children enjoy learning
We stimulate creativity and concentration
We embrace and include

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Find your local drama studio to register interest for classes

How long have O’Grady Drama been around?

Helen O’Grady opened the first Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Perth, Western Australia, in 1979. Helen originated the Drama System which is now acclaimed in over 40 countries around the world. In September 2003, Trinity College, London recognised Helen’s unique achievements in the world of teaching by giving her an honorary Fellowship (F.T.C.L.)