O’Grady Stories

Hear how O’Grady Drama has helped others

“My son has absolutely flourished since he has been coming along – thank you for getting him off his screen and in to the world!”

– SA

“Over the last ten years at Helen O’Grady, I have been able to develop essential skills that have not only prepared me for my HSC Drama assessments, but also my entire life itself! Being diagnosed with Autism at the age of six, I was a bit of shy kid who had trouble pronouncing words and socialising. When I was seven, a friend of mine invited me on a ‘Bring A Friend Week’ – I found it strange at first, but I love it and I have come back ever since!

The experience and knowledge that I have gained from the classes have helped me develop confidence in socialising and giving speeches. It has also given me a head start on my drama studies in school and I managed to top the class this year.

I am also so lucky to meet other talented and enthusiastic students at my local studio. I do have to thank the Principals and teachers I have had over the years for shaping the performer I am today.

I do believe that every child should learn to be a performer to use the skills to get ahead of the curve and think creatively…and these classes offer all of that and more. I will certainly miss my time and the friends I have made with the Academy and I look forward to my final End of Year Performance this weekend.”

– Central Coast, NSW

“Our son is loving drama and looks forward to every call. It is helping with his confidence and his very happy to be involved. He is benefiting very much from the program. He has fun, makes friends, gets to try things outside his comfort zone and his confidence has increased.”


“Our daughter has become a lot more confident this year and is speaking more clearly. She loves drama and has made new friends outside of school. Thank you”


“A parent delivered 5 year old twin daughters to their lesson and was very concerned as to how they would cope. The girls were both shy and one was particularly nervous. During the course of the lesson, both little girls were encouraged but not especially singled out for attention and were enjoying themselves. The parent returned before the end of class and was able to observe the girls unseen by waiting in the foyer. The parent was moved – the girls had never been heard to speak this way in public before! The other parent rang later in the week and confirmed that that after having struggled with life-long crippling shyness , the delivering parent was very moved to see that the girls did not face the same future!

This is a confirmation of the why I do what I do!”

-Principal in Queensland

“Hi, I was a student of O’Grady Drama 2007. I wanted to let my teacher know that I’ve kept up acting in my early adult life and have just graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in acting at QUT. I’ve just signed on with a major Management group and am leading in a feature film which begins shooting in two weeks. I want to pass on my thanks to her for her teaching and encouragement in my early years.”


“I want to thank you so much for all you have done to encourage our son to speak out, be positive, have faith in himself, to just have a go, and all the other wonderful times we’ve chatted.”

– SA

“I have a son who attends Youth Theatre classes and a daughter who attends Lower Primary classes with O’Grady Drama. My children have tried many different activities and have never been so interested and excited about attending their drama classes. Both my children have learning difficulties, primarily with their speech and social skills and O’Grady Drama’s program has assisted them and improved their confidence and speech remarkably. Even their school teacher can see a great improvement! I cannot recommend O’Grady Drama classes enough. ”


Thanks so much to your team for their care and encouragement of my daughter. You have all been a positive force during this period of her adolescence and she has gotten a lot out of the program over the last two years or so. It has been a fabulous growth experience, and I think particularly helpful that she was doing voice and enunciation practice.


“When I first spoke to the Principal of Melbourne S East, four years ago, I instantly felt the enthusiasm and confidence she had in the teaching techniques. This convinced me to let my now 11 year old daughter to give it a go.

We have never looked back since, my daughter looks forward to the class every week and when I pick her up she always comes out with a big confident smile. The teachers have all been fun, enthusiastic and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen O’Grady Drama School to anyone.”