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Frequently asked questions

Where’s my nearest studio?

Locating your nearest Studio has never been easier, simply place your post code on the ‘Find A Class‘ page. This will take you to your nearest studio with all the contact details, times and the Principal’s name. Give us a call!

What age range do you accept?

We accept students from over 5 to 17+, and group our classes into three brackets. Check the academy profile that is closest to you for specific details. Some academies also run specific classes for older students and preschool children.

What times are classes held?

Most classes are held between 4.00 and 7.00pm weekdays.

In some areas Saturday classes are also held.

What is the cost?

Fees may be paid on an annual or semester basis or by term, in advance. The recommended term fee per student for 2024 is $225.00 inc GST. Check with your local Principal for bursaries or scholarships or other local arrangements. Family discounts apply for two or more students attending. Please speak with your local Principal.

Are your teachers qualified?

All Principals and teachers have relevant qualifications and receive training and ongoing professional development. In addition, each Principal either presents or attends classes regularly to ensure that the highest standards are maintained at all times. Each Principal and teacher also holds the appropriate Working with Children approval and relevant first aid certification.

Do you offer free trials?
Our experience is that up to three attendances are necessary to assess whether the O’Grady environment works for your child. Principals tailor arrangements to meet specific circumstances. We do organise regular ‘taster’ sessions and also may offer special workshops at holiday times to introduce potential new students to the benefits of the O’Grady Drama environment.
Do you have structured lessons?

Yes, we do. Our lessons are structured on an annual basis and cycled to provide potential for students to attend for a number of years.. We break our programme into two semesters each having two terms. At the end of the first semester there is an in-studio presentation of learned skills. At the end of the second semester a short, scripted ensemble production is held, in many cases in a performing arts venue.

Are your classes open to everyone?

The O’Grady Drama environment provides social and emotional learning for all our students, to better prepare them for the challenges of school and life in general. We are accepting of all students, but we understand the structured and equal value environment requires full participation and may not suit every child. If you have a child with additional or individual needs please speak with the Principal about an introductory scheme.

Are we able to join a class mid-term or mid-year?

In most cases, yes, students can join in at any time during the term or part way through the year. Your local Principal will be pleased to work with you to find the best option for your particular circumstances.

Do children need to have any drama experience to join?

No prior experience is necessary. After all, we’re not just about drama, we’re also about each child’s journey. All that’s needed is enthusiasm and willingness to embrace and learn.

Is it competitive or simply fun?

While we base our programme in a non-competitive environment where each student is able to develop at their own pace, we love commitment, and reward it in the form of certificates for completing each year. We also recognise milestones in attendance with individually named keepsakes. Principals may recognise other activities at various times.

Do you have classes during the school holidays?

Individual Principals often hold special programs, workshops or sessions during school holidays. Contact your local area for details.

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