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by Gita Bezard

presented by O’Grady Drama Hobart’s On Cue Ensemble

8th – 10th September
Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
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This new play, by Australian playwright Gita Bezard, weaves together characters struggling with the destruction of the planet, the pessimists, the fighters and those who see the world through lemon tinted glasses.

Annie is interviewing for apocalypse friends. Storm believes that love will come if you just ask loud enough. Daniel is going to save the world as soon as he gets his blog started, you just wait and see.

Lemon is an ecological comedy about finding the joy in hopelessness.

Working with theatre producers, Katharine & Chris Hamley, and following superb performances of ‘Colosseum’, ‘Duty Free’ and ‘Prickly Love’, our 2022 Ensemble perform this show as their major annual production. Our senior drama students showcase their developing performance skills in a true theatrical environment for this public season of shows at Hobart’s Peacock Theatre. 

Our Ensemble have been working collaboratively for the past 6 months to present this show as a display of their dedication, talent and passion for the performing arts. We hope you’ll join us for this delightful comedy play in support of our fabulous students.