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      About O'Grady Drama Melbourne South and Bayside

      Principal – Eva Madjar

      Here at O’Grady Drama Melbourne South and Bayside, Confidence, Communication and Creativity is the goal! Children and Youth have the opportunity to develop and grow not only their drama and acting skills, but also their social and personal attributes. O’Grady Drama helps make students more effective communicators, thereby enabling them to grasp any opportunities that present themselves – these skills are extremely important to have, as they shape students and affect them well into adulthood.  I should know – because I was one!

      I have had a connection with O’Grady Drama for many years. I began as a student (ages 10-18, 2006-2014) and reached my 300 Lessons milestone and my 8-year Certificate.  I left to continue my studies in theatre and I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) with Distinction from Deakin University. I couldn’t help but be drawn back to my favourite drama class, and became a Teacher with O’Grady Drama (2017-2022). After 5 years and with the kind guidance of my then Principal, Helen Tanner, I became Principal myself (2022-present).

      I feel passionately about what a supportive, developmental and fun environment like O’Grady Drama can do for a young mind and how it helps children thrive in the world.