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      About O'Grady Drama Brisbane North

      Principal Margaret Treuel B.A, Dip. Ed.

      Deputy Principal – Annika Helms

      O’Grady Drama Brisbane North has been creating confident, articulate and happy students for 30 years. Margaret, and her daughter, Annika, strive to make each lesson a meaningful, valuable, and fun drama experience!

      Our classes have many benefits which include:

      •  Increased social and communication skills.
      • The ability to think and act creatively.
      • Learning how to work in a team environment.
      •  Conflict resolution and resilience.
      •  Confidence building & public speaking skills.

      In this highly technological world, the skills that we impart are becoming increasingly valuable and necessary. To be an effective communicator is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities.

      O’Grady Drama creates a safe and inclusive environment where students can grow and feel valued as individuals. Many students remain with the Academy for years as they love the stimulation that our curriculum provides and the lasting friendships they forge.